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Learning Math Stations That Work!

This is one way to structure your math block to include Math Stations. The important components of the instructional framework are still included, which makes planning more focused.

Learning stations and guided math are just one integral part of math workshop. Although it may not be likely for everyday instruction, The planning structures below offer a guide for teachers to implement with attention to students' needs and working with guided math groups. The first is an example shared by Dr. Nicki and provides two 15-minute sessions a day, Monday - Thursday, and Fridays for projects and collaborative activities. To expound, there are four groups and the teacher will alternate and work with two groups each day. For example, on Monday the Blue, Yellow, and Orange groups will have independent work or collaborative work that can be down without the help of the teacher while he/she works with the guided Green group. Then, the work stations change after 15 minutes. When I presented this example to a group of teachers in a professional learning group, a common question was, "What happens when my day is interrupted with picture day, assemblies, etc.?" When thinking about skipping the day and staying on track with the next day, I created the B.U.I.L.D schedule, which provides flexibility. I prefer to look at the sessions as a number of days rather than on a particular day. Example Planning Structures



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