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Skillful Teaching with Dr. Angela McCord

Working Together to Improve Student Outcomes

Instructional Coaching & Professional Development Training


Are you looking for a way to improve math scores and maximize teacher capacity?  

Could your teachers use a framework for best practice

instructional strategies and technology integration?


I have over 15 years' experience as an educator and academic coach, specializing in school improvement and technology integration. As a National Board Certified Teacher in mathematics, I can provide you with professional development services that will:

  • Increase academic outcomes through research-based delivery

  • Improve conceptual teaching and learning 

  • Ignite student engagement by utilizing instructional frameworks with quality assessment strategies


*My website will allow you to see a sample of the work and services I can provide.  My approach is to build services around the specific needs of your staff.  Complete this planning checklist and I will contact you to schedule a phone conference or Google Hangout to discuss services specific to your school or District. Questions? Complete the Contact Me form below.

Instructional Coaching

Onsite or Virtual (all content areas)

Providing highly engaging, job-embedded professional development for teachers in order to improve teaching practices and student learning.  Broad areas include those most relevant to education today:  Knowing Your Learner, Instructional Practices, and  Technology Integration. Three to six weeks coaching cycles are developed, based on Jim Knight's instructional coaching model, identify, learn, and improve.  

Contact me to find out how I can help today.


Technology Integration Training

Content Guidance

Providing assistance to schools and educators with the integration of technology, and supporting curriculum development as it relates to instructional technology. Teachers will learn to use technology in the most appropriate and effective manner. Customizable sessions for beginners to advanced learners, with a broad spectrum of tools, including Chrome Books, I-Pads, Tablets, and Computer Lab settings. Contact me to find out how I can help today.


Mathematics Training & Coaching

Developing Conceptual Teaching

This specific service is designed to increase conceptual teaching and learning of middle-level mathematics and Algebra. Training includes active engagement strategies, aligning standards with assessments, enhancing the instructional framework, along with modeling of hands-on learning tasks with manipulatives and technology.  Acquire a toolbox of instructional strategies to use to help students improve both their oral and written mathematical communication.

Contact me to find out how I can help today.

What Educators Say...

"Mrs. McCord gave me a whole new approach to teaching mathematics! Through her professional learning sessions, I learned how to drive my instruction based on student data and incorporate problem-solving strategies that made my students become stronger thinkers!"



Paula Rabon ~ Math Teacher

Johnakin Middle School

Contact Me

Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me today and see how I can customize a results-driven action plan for your school.  Fees are based on the following factors:  content, participants, the number of days, half or full day, and geographical locationCustomizable sessions can be tailored to your area of need. 

Serving the Southeast Area

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