• Harnessing Technology for Online Learning

    Although there are over 3 million teachers in the US, very few are proficient in the use of online platforms to deliver instruction virtually. In order for virtual instruction to positively impact students, educators must gain more practical understanding with online tools like Video Conferencing, Learning Management Systems, Screen Capture, and more. We help teachers quickly improve their digital literacy so they can keep up with the demands of the new normal.

  • Planning Impactful Virtual Lessons

    Planning instruction in the virtual environment is just as critical as planning in a physical classroom, but with a virtual classrooms come new challenges and concerns. Students are learning in a wide variety of home environments and teachers must account for the new student distractions that come with these environments.. Designing for online student engagement is more important than ever and EdConnective expert coaches can provide feedback on existing lessons or assist with the cogeneration of new plans and instructional materials for effective online learning.

  • Feedback for Virtual Instruction Delivery

    Instructional feedback is the single most powerful way to rapidly improve student outcomes. This is especially true in online instruction, where teachers encounter distinct challenges: what does classroom management look like in a virtual setting? How do teachers manage student engagement?

    EdConnective coaches provide customized, meaningful feedback by observing online instruction and connecting with teachers via video chat on a weekly basis. In as little as 1 month, we expect most teachers to see significant improvement in their ability to deliver virtual instruction.

  • Frameworks for Blended Instruction

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